Angelina Ballerina Ballet Lessons For Children

SBDS Dance & Cheer is proud to be an Angelina Ballerina Academy Partner Studio. Our Angelina Ballerina programme is inspired by the Angelina Ballerina books and TV series and is designed for children aged 2-5 years.

Angelina Ballerina’s voice will guide aspiring dancers through their ballet class promoting creative learning whilst building the foundation for correct and age appropriate dance technique.

A fun and creative approach to early ballerina lessons
Our ‘Little Stars with Big Dreams’ will be inspired by our ballet studio complete with barres and mirrors. The dancers also wear Angelina’s costume (including mouse ears!) which is available through our in house uniform shop.
Our young dancers receive an Angelina Ballerina Dance Journal including informative pages about dancing and how to behave like a ballerina. Your child will also receive stickers and Certificates of Achievement to mark their progress throughout the year.
There will be opportunities for our little mouselings to bring a friend with them to class  to share in the fun and excitement of an Angelina Ballerina class.
Most exciting of all will be a special visit from Angelina Ballerina herself to SBDS! Our dancers will be able to meet Angelina Ballerina, dance with her and have photographs taken.
This programme is a wonderful opportunity for our budding little dancers to develop a love of learning through reading, dancing, music and imaginative play. An accessible introduction to dance, our studio’s program equips your little one with the skills needed to progress to the next stage in their education.
Please contact us for more information about the program. Send us a message through our contact page or via email to we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also call us on 4937 6184 to speak directly to our experienced staff, who will be happy to help with any inquiry.
Pre-School Jazz, Tap and Acro classes also available.
For information about our Angelina Ballerina “Love to Dance” Holiday Program please contact us.
Please use this link to access the Angelina Ballerina website with great information for children and parents:
Progression from Angelina Ballerina/Pre-School Programme
Has your child graduated from our Angelina/Pre-School Programme and is ready to enter our main stream Junior School?
What an exciting time!!
The below link will take you to all the information regarding your child’s dance options and where they go next. I understand that this is a big thing for not only your child but also you, the parent and I empathise with you. I am here for any further advice you may need in making the best decision for your child.
Classes We Offer
Now that your child has graduated from our Angelina/Pre-School Programme they move into individual classes. From these options your child can pick which styles they would like to continue their training in.
Your child can choose one or all of the classes on offer and there are different fee structures to suit all budgets. Please see our Fee Structure.
As each dance style is so different it is often hard for the child/parent to pick just one style, and from my experience in working with children of this age they really thrive and enjoy training in more than one style.
Generally for children just starting school 3 classes per week is enough. There are circumstances where children will participate in more than 3 classes per week and will sometimes attend classes on more than 1 day per week, this is acceptable and generally required if the child wishes to participate in examinations and/or competition work.
If you would like more information regarding exams and/or competitions please do not hesitate to contact me.
I hope that this has helped a little with trying to make choices for your child.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us