How To Choose A Studio

Confused about how to choose a dance studio?
Am I getting good value from my existing studio?
Am I am making the right choice for my child’s development?

Read the 4 things you should consider when choosing your child’s Dance Studio.


Weekly fees only form part of the cost of dancing.
What compulsory fees are there throughout the year?
Some examples are:
Weekly fees
Dance Concert costumes
Dance Concert tickets
Dance Concert Rehearsals. How many? More than 1 concert rehearsal is often not necessary and only costs the parent additional money.
A studio’s weekly fees may be cheap, but through other compulsory fees it can add up to an additional 80% extra in costs.
Compare the total compulsory fees for the year to make sure you are getting value for money.

Correct Dance Practise

Dance Schools are an unregulated industry with a lot of inexperienced/unqualified dance teachers training children substandard techniques.
Poor dance training puts your child’s body at jeopardy. Registered bodies within the dance industry put time and money into researching safe dance practise for all ages and levels of ability. Teachers need to be trained and qualified to deliver the recognised syllabi and are to follow these safe dance practises to keep your child free from injury.
Pushing a student beyond their ability, age or strength has serious consequences and can have an impact on not only their dancing performance but jeopardise their body as they grow and mature through puberty.
I personally have seen from minor soft tissue injuries, chronic re-occurring injuries to permanent irreparable damage to students over my many years of dance. I have also had to re correct students from other studios who have been taught poor techniques which was putting large strain on their ligaments and skeletal systems. All because of poorly trained, inexperienced dance teachers.

I am extremely passionate about safe dance practise. If you are choosing a studio for your child, look after them. Do your research.
Ask the studio principal how long they have been in the dancing industry, what coaching workshops/study they have done and what qualifications they have. Ask to see their certificates if they aren’t visible to you at the studio.
Ensure students are being taught with a focus on safe dance practise.
Would you have an unlicensed builder construct your home? Then why have an unlicensed studio train your child?
Check their qualifications.


Dancing on anything but sprung floors for an extended period puts a student’s knees / ankles / hips/ back at risk of injury.
Mirrors / Ballet barres / Floor Mats / Video playback facilities are essential tools that assist in developing young students.
Check out the studio’s facilities.


Dancing is expressive art, sport, creative movement, its social, its fitness and above all it is fun.
The studio should be supportive and inclusive, a real family environment.
Dancing is bigger than any individual as it creates memories that will last a lifetime.
I am lucky enough to have taught many second generation dancers, developing memories for babies like the memories of their mothers. And for me that is bigger than any eisteddfod, concert or competition.
Make sure you choose a fun and supportive Dance Family.

Where can I find studios like this?

There are approximately 2-3 studios that fit the above criteria in Maitland.
Research is worth the effort!

This is something that I am very passionate about. Your budding little dancer has one body to last them a lifetime and it is our job as dance teachers/coaches to nurture that body through its development. I, as the Principal of my school, take on the responsibility of ensuring that my staff have all the required training and knowledge to be able to offer the best/safest learning environment for each student.

Feel free to view our website and use it as a comparison to any that you are looking at.


Send me a message.
I will not engage in naming any specific studios, unfortunately you will have to research that yourself, but if you have a more specific dance related question, I would be only too happy to help out.